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No to Conceal Carry for Illinois and Peoria

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Here is what I just wrote to the Peoria Journal Star:

Dear PJ Star,

I am writing in response to a Forum letter published on June 20 titled Concealed-carry could save lives in Peoria, submitted by Chuck Emig, responding to a earlier Forum letter from John Longmire. Mr. Emig advocates a concealed/carry law for Peoria and for Illinois. Fair enough, but I wonder on what evidence Mr. Emig bases his support for conceal carry. He says, “If Mr. Longmire would have done some research before writing his letter, he would have seen that crime is down where they have concealed-carry.”

Well, if Mr. Emig had done some research beyond NRA talking points he would known that like every story this one has at least two sides. I have done a little research and I found this conclusion in a study published in the Stanford Law Review titled: Shooting Down the “More Guns Less Crime” Hypothesis “No longer can any
plausible case be made on statistical grounds that shall-issue laws are likely to
reduce crime for all or even most states.”
In another article titled The Latest Misfires in Support of the “More Guns, Less Crime” Hypothesis

In our initial article “Shooting Down the More Guns, Less Crime”Hypothesis1” we reached two main conclusions: First, that there was no credible statistical evidence that the adoption of concealed-carry (or “shall issue”) laws reduced crime; and second, that the best, although admittedly quite imperfect, data suggested that the laws increased the costs of crime to the tune of $1 billion per year (which is a relatively small number given the total cost of FBI index crimes of roughly $114 billion per year).

Later, Ayres concludes, “We feel confident concluding that we have indeed shot down the more guns, less crime hypothesis.”

I am opposed to a conceal and carry law for Illinois (including Peoria) because more guns means more death, accidental and otherwise. More guns will not stop the drive by shootings and gas stations robberies. Many residents of the areas where these crime occurs want fewer guns on the street, not more.

I just wish that advocates for conceal carry laws would have the intellectual honesty to look at all the data, not just the studies that support their point of view. Maybe the media should look at some of this research as well, so that a reasonable and well informed debate on this issue could finally occur.

Comments welcome.

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June 22nd, 2009 at 1:23 pm


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Many newspapers in Real America are receiving letters like this one I found in my local fish wrapper:

I am writing to make an appeal to the voters of this great nation of ours. Please do not elect Sen. Barack Obama to the presidency.

The Democrat-controlled Congress is on the fast track towards socialism. Obama does not seem to have any ties at all to groups or individuals who have love of country or a sense of duty for the common good of the United States of America.

His ties are with America haters and radicals that seek to take away our greatness. We have a chance on Nov. 4 to save our country and our Constitution. Our economic woes and stock market slides will be nothing compared to what lies ahead if Obama is elected.

Is this a letter based on GOP talking points? Dunno, but it certainly seems inspired by McCain/Palin rhetoric.

Reading this angry little screed would make me very angry, were I Colin Powell, Susan Eisenhower, Christopher Buckley or Warren Buffet. But since I am not, I can afford the luxury of laughing at the way McCain’s nasty tactics continue to blow up in his face.

Written by slothropia

October 20th, 2008 at 9:04 pm

Small Town News

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During my lunch period today, I spread the current edition of the Peoria Journal Star on my cubicle desk to catch up with current events. I always read the editorial page because it makes me so mad and increases my adrenaline levels, what with the right wing editorials and the right wing letters to the editor, and the artless right wing cartoon. Grrr!!

Google it and see for yourself. No link from me.

Today’s page was especially fish wrappery. There were about half a dozen letters all dealing with Obama and Ayers or Wright. I smell astro turf. The cartoon was also about Obama and past associations. There was an editorial about a forgettable local issue, but the rest of the page was all anti-Obama.

Now, the PJ Star can print whatever it likes on any of its pages, but I don’t know why the Obama hate fest. Are they encouraging the McCain campaign’s race baiting and attempted character assassination?

I don’t quite get why they would allow the Republicans to take over their editorial page. But what do I know about the newspaper business?

Ironically, local Congress Person Ray LaHood said today that he doesn’t like “the reportedly incendiary tenor” Sarah Palin’s rallies, at which Sarah Palin induces her supporters to cry things like “Traitor!” or “Kill him!”.

All this comes on a day on where Senator McCain himself was booed when he called for Senator Obama to be give respect.

And on a day when the stock market tanked again (no link necessary, I am sure).

Written by slothropia

October 10th, 2008 at 11:02 pm