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Williams Gone from NPR – Why Is Liasson Still There?

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NPR has fired Juan Williams for comments he made on O’Reilly. This is wrong. NPR should have fired Juan Williams years ago because he works at Fox News and therefore has pissed away his credibility as a journalist.

The same is true of Mara Liasson who may be a highly skilled journalist but has likewise traded her journalistic birthright for a mess of pottage from the Murdoch propaganda mill.

Written by slothropia

October 21st, 2010 at 3:41 pm

Residual, Default Racism in The U.S.

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Racism is as American as cherry pie. The U.S. fortune was compiled using stolen land from the indigenous peoples and stolen labor from slaves. Corporations are doing their best to recreate those glory days, but I’ll get into that another time.

Which is not to say that all or even a majority of USians are racists or bigots, nor would I argue that the United States is a completely racist country. Other nations are indeed worse, and the U.S. can boast of many who fight peacefully yet vigorously against racism, hatred and divisions of all kinds.

Still, racism remains strong in the U.S. It would take a prodigious effort to deny this is true. Fresh evidence presents itself daily.

The recent Shirley Sherrod episode is a splendidly clear example. A racist hack who calls himself a journalist or blogger delivers a doctored video and labels it evidence of reverse racism. This is the same slime bucket who successfully slandered ACORN to death (another example of the political use of racism). Sherrod was virtually lynched, or maybe just tarred and feathered, by most of the corporate media (led by Fox News of course) and driven from public service before a true picture could be drawn of her past, her personality, her beliefs and the complete context of her “offending” remarks. Even the NAACP and the post racial White House joined in piling on.

All because a significant chunk of white America was ready to believe the worst of a middle aged black woman and because Fox News has been on a race baiting campaign from the hour of Obama’s inauguration. If you doubt this is the case, explain the frequent racist attacks on Obama by Glen Beck and that morning zoo crowd Fox inflicts on viewers each day. And provide another explanation for the Fox campaigns against ACORN and the three guys in the New Black Panther Party.

The tea baggers and other Republicans have been spreading the rumor for the last two years that Obama was not born in the U.S. and so is not really President. They have succeeded in clouding millions of willing minds to the point that, according to a CNN poll, over a quarter of the population of the U.S. has doubt Obama was born here.

Where did I hear yesterday that the Fox News audience is only 1.38 per cent African American? Can”t imagine why.

Now the Republicans are on about repealing the 14th amendment, which makes a citizen of anyone born in the United States. The target is babies who are born in the U.S. of one or more parents who are undocumented aliens. They are not serious about amending the constitution. This is mid term election year racial politics. The object of the exercise is a to encourage white USians to be angry at Hispanics, whether they are immigrant (legal or no) or citizens of the U.S. This too will cloud minds ready to be made more ignorant, but will not delay what the racist white is most afraid of: a U.S. where the majority is not composed of the descendants of northern Europeans.

Written by slothropia

August 5th, 2010 at 10:10 pm

Shirley Sherrod Affair: Weak White House v Racist Right

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Like Duncan said, what Digby said:

Shirley Sherrod is the former (and future?) USDA official who was fired because she allegedly, according to Andrew Breitbart and Fox News, confessed to not helping a poor white farmer in 1986 when it was within her means to do so.

Trouble is, the more facts about Sherrod and her speech are revealed, the better she looks. And the more it becomes apparent that the crazy right is actively race baiting. Hey, is there an election this year or something?

Then, as Digby said, the Obama Administration “panicked like a bunch of frightened little children” and made sure that Agriculture Vilsack fired Sherrod. The White house says it was Vilsack’s call and he back them, up but in the absence of any corroborating evidence I don’t believe it.

Once more, as Digby said:

Breitbart had edited the video, of course, and he refuses to release the whole thing, naturally. But that didn’t matter in this case any more than it mattered in the ACORN case. It’s nothing but a play to America’s racist lizard brain.

And today the wife of the farmer went on CNN to say that this woman had been instrumental in helping them keep their farm and that she considered her a good friend. I suppose it would have been too much to ask that the administration at least checked that much out before they hung this woman out to dry.

After ACORN and now this, I really have to wonder if the Democrats and Brietbart aren’t actually working together on a whole Sistah Soljah campaign. It’s a little bit hard to see why anyone over 10 years old would fall for the same ruse over and over again. (Hey, maybe their focus groups show that simply alienating liberals isn’t going to impress those swing voters so they need to alienate the black vote too…)

But I also have to wonder if they know what the optics of this are. If two-bit sociopathic wingnuts can scare them to this extent with obviously doctored videos, what happens when they see a real threat? Are they going to flap their arms like penguins and run around in circles screaming “they’re coming to get us, run for your lives!!?” At this point, that doesn’t seem entirely ridiculous.

Seriously, this shows tremendous weakness. Andrew Brietbart is a con artist and and right wing entertainer whose antics should always be met with a cynical laugh and a shake of the head. To fall for his schtick more than once is political malpractice.

I agree that this is yet another occasion on which the Obama Administration demonstrates a near complete lack of conviction and disdain for its own supporters. But I have a feeling that this story is about to run away from both the racist right wing media and the White House. The race baiting will no doubt work on those predisposed to respond to it positively, but if there are any fair minded Americans of whatever dermal hue, they must be or will become disgusted with this latest high tech lynching. But this latest flurry of right wingers stalking supposed black racism has a whiff of desperation to it. It’s almost as if the right senses that it will take more than just attacks on Democrats to win the elections this fall.

Maybe Fox and Breitbart have gone just a little too far for their own and the GOP’s good. Fingers crossed anyway.

Written by slothropia

July 20th, 2010 at 7:12 pm