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McDonnell Says He’s Sorry – Yeah, Right

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By now, the universe knows that Governor McDonnell of Virgina issued a proclamation making April Civil War month in the Commonwealth, and then had to apologize and rewrite it because he forgot to mention slavery.

Sorry, no sale.

McDonnell may not win a Nobel prize for being smart but he has attended some well regarded universities: undergrad at Notre Dame and post grad at Boston College. He did get his law degree from Regent College, but presumably that experience did not kill all of his brain cells.

Furthermore, he has been in elected politics since 1992. He has been around the block more than once. He is not a spring chicken. He knows his way around politics.

He did not issue his racist original proclamation by mistake. he did not forget what the Civil War was about. Rather, he was pandering to that part of his constituency that wants to pretend slavery was not the cause off that conflict.

He knew all along that he would have to issue a revised version. His original proclamation was a signal to Virginia white supremacists that he is with them and is looking out for their interests. He is looking to his political future and a possible run for Senate or the White House. He is an extremist who fooled enough Virginians to get elected last fall, but my hope is that more little tricks like this one will make “moderates” think twice about voting for him again.

I don’t always agree with Chris Matthews, but he is spot on on this question. Behold:

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And that Republican apologist Todd what’s his names just drives me up the wall. He knows he is lying for money and isn’t a good enough prevaricator to convince any objective viewer of his sincerity. I feel sorry for him and hope that someday he finds a soul.

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April 8th, 2010 at 9:31 pm

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