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Dems: Everybody’s shouting, “Which Side Are You On?”

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Thanks to the GOP’s well earned troubles, Democrats in Illinois are enjoying pretty good times. All state wide executive branches are in Dem hands as well as both houses in the legislature. Remember though, the Land of Lincoln is also the land of the INOs, as in Dems in Name Only (DINOs) or Republicans , etc. (RINOs).

So while the Democrats can realistically look forward to years of state wide dominance, they also posses an opportunity to royally fuck things up. They will be rewarded for pursuing populist and progressive policies and punished for practicing politics as usual.

Case in point: electricity rate increases. On January 1 of this year, a long time electricity rate freeze expired, leaving the two major energy utilities free to raise rates. When they had a chance, the monopolies acted like monopolies, raising rates to hardship levels for many customers.

With the aforementioned majorities in both houses of the legislature and a nominally Democratic governor, the Dems have a golden opportunity to save consumers and move toward a rational state level energy policy. Too bad they’re conflicted and unable to act in the best interests of the public or their own political selves.

Written by slothropia

May 23rd, 2007 at 8:55 pm

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