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GOP Deja Vu

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The US Attorney scandal unfolding right now is a typical product of Republican presidencies.

In the last 47 years, there have been 4 Republicans elected President: Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bush I and Bush II. Nixon had his Watergate, just as Reagan had his Iran Contra. GHW Bush did not see a similar scandal erupt during his one term, but he completed the Iran Contra cover-up by pardoning Casper Weinberger.

Now we have what seems like a new constitution bending scandal every week or 10 days. That we know about. Who knows what sub rosa mischief Elliot Abrams and others are up to.

I cannot possibly be the first to suggest that there is a pattern here that seems to suggest that the Republican Party, or at least the Republican establishment, has a different understanding of the rule of law than the rest of us. It is as if their philosophy holds that the rules are not binding on them as long as they seize and consolidate power and use it to the benefit of their corporate friends and betters.

Having reached this conclusion I wonder why the voters of America keep buying this same parcel of swampland. Swampland. Time magazine. Main Stream Media. Manufacturing Consent.

Oh yeah.

Written by slothropia

March 23rd, 2007 at 10:42 pm

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