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Trouble With a Capital G

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Man! Talk about your judicial activism:

A federal appeals court in Washington today struck down on Second Amendment grounds a gun control law in the District of Columbia that bars residents from keeping handguns in their homes.

The court relied on a constitutional interpretation that has been rejected by nine federal appeals courts around the nation. The decision was the first from a federal appeals court to hold a gun-control law unconstitutional on the ground that the Second Amendment protects the rights of individuals, as opposed to a collective right of state militias.

Linda Singer, the district’s acting attorney general, said the decision was “a huge setback.”

“We’ve been making progress on bringing down crime and gun violence, and this sends us in a different direction,” Ms. Singer said.

The principles violated by these right wing judges would be the same no matter what jurisdiction is affected, but D.C. has its share of crime, and this will make it worse. It won’t take long either before gun crime is mysteriously up – way up – in Washington.

But that’s the way of the right in America, these days. Conduct radical experiments in social engineering, make a mess, destroy lives, leave a mess for someone else (Democrats by default) to clean up. That’s the way Bush Republicans govern.

I don’t know who appointed these judges, but something tells me it wasn’t Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton.

Written by slothropia

March 9th, 2007 at 9:23 pm

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