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Canadian Election: Tories Attack Layton and NDP

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I was wrong. In my last post I predicted that the Conservatives would try to ignore the NDP and continue to focus their fire on the Liberals. But today, they posted anad on Youtube that took direct aim at Layton and accused him of all plotting with the Bloc to form a (gasp) coalition – before the last election.

The NDP responded quickly:

A Conservative attack ad contains misleading information and should be pulled, New Democrat candidate Paul Dewar told reporters on Friday.

The attack ad emerged on Friday afternoon, and alleges that NDP leader Jack Layton planned a coalition with the Bloc Québecois “before votes were even counted” in 2008, and that he was willing to let Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe be the “driving force” in a coalition.

Both statements are false, said Dewar.

“The entire ad is based on complete fabrications,” Dewar said during a press conference at his riding headquarters in Ottawa-Centre.

Dewar noted that last week when the Liberals misquoted Stephen Harper in an ad that attacked his credibility on health care the Conservatives asked for the ad to be pulled. This is the same situation, Dewar said.

“At least come up with stuff that is true,” Dewar said. “If you want to put ads on the airwaves that reflect the facts and issues, fine, but you have to stop making stuff up.”

I suspect that the change in Conservative tactics came as a result of internal polling showing the NDP eating into Conservative support, a development they had not planned on.

It is interesting to note that the ad was originally released in January of this year. Could it be that the Cons need ed something right away but having treated the Liberals as their main competition had nothing in the can to use against the NDP? Rest assured, there will be more and fresher attacks over the next 10 days.

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April 22nd, 2011 at 7:51 pm

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