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Debat des Chefs du Canada 13 Avril, 2011

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That’s enough French for now. I hope someone will tell me if I made any errors in the title.

So last night the four leaders met again on the same game show set and hammered each other in Canada’s other official language. Polls and opinions differ but there seems to be a consensus that Duceppe won, with Layton second. I watched and listened to the English translation so I can’t really comment on many of the nuances expressed in the debate.

Both Duceppe and Layton achieved their goals, although Layton “wins” by being taken seriously in a debate aimed primarily at Quebec. Many of Duceppe’s voters are unavailable to Layton, but many of them are. It’s those potential Bloc/NPD switchers that Layton was addressing.

Duceppe, was playing a home game with house money, if I may mix and mangle two metaphors at once. His problem is that the Bloc has been around for two decades, serving Quebec’s interests well but without achieving its supposed reason for being, Quebec sovereignty. Some Quebeckers are apparently looking for an alternative to the Bloc and neither the Liberals nor (certainly!) the Conservatives qualify.

Fortunately for the NDP/NPD, Layton is a good debater in both French and English and mostly gave as good as he got versus Duceppe. Translating his limited success in the French debate into seats on May 2 will be more difficult, but he and his party are earning a lot of admiration for their strong effort to do so.

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April 14th, 2011 at 9:54 pm

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