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Bernie Sanders for President

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If Obama keeps up this constant appeasement of the GOP, if he does not start listening to his base, he will most certainly face either a primary challenge or a third party candidate in 2012. I wish this fella Rachel is talking to in the clip below would run. I would work like hell on his behalf.

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Written by slothropia

December 1st, 2010 at 12:28 am

8 Responses to 'Bernie Sanders for President'

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  1. I caught Bernie on T.V. yesterday and was overjoyed to find we have at least one person in Congress who is actually working for our best interests. He also has the balls to speak out effectively against the party of NO. Alan Greyson was attacked savagely for doing it. Lets hope we don’t lose Bernie’s voice too.

    His presentation was masterful and moving. He is my hero.

    Norm Jackson

    2 Dec 10 at 5:59 pm

  2. The good news is that Bernie is safe. The people of Vermont love him and will keep him in the Senate for as long as he likes. Of course, if he ran for President….


    2 Dec 10 at 9:43 pm

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  4. […] a hero to the left. “Bernie for President” talk will … heck, there’s probably already a website. Let’s hope he doesn’t drink any Ralph Nader juice. He’s a good senator and […]

  5. I’ve heard Bernie speak before, he’s the best Senator in the House. He’d make a great President if he was 20 years younger. Best of luck from across the pond if he does stand.


    11 Dec 10 at 4:42 am

  6. Wow. You Yanks have got a genuine leftie? Maybe there is hope after all.


    11 Dec 10 at 9:47 am

  7. Bernie is a brilliant and rare politician he is honest and for real. Vermont is like another country politically it is a mix of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt Republicans, liberals and progressives- down to earth. Now that he is Senator after many years in the house he is making himself known nationally and showing by example how a real representative of the people works. There are few other constituencies that he could be successful in.
    For him to jump into the Presidential ring would be a futile waste of his power base and everything he has worked to attain. Better that Howard Dean would run again, especially after he got Obama elected and saw all his operatives fired and himself excluded after the election for their efforts- the first Obamascam.

    Paul Kelton

    12 Dec 10 at 12:22 am

  8. Six years later and he’s winning in NH and Iowa (by some polls.) I’m curious to see how that turned out – are you supporting his campaign today?


    20 Jan 16 at 8:12 pm

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