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Deny It All You Want, “It’s Always the Gun”

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I agree with Digby:

Mental illness exists in other developed countries. Radical Islamism does, too. Sexual entitlement and misogyny certainly do. Unpopular loner kids exist, too, as do disgruntled employees. But none of these things are causes of mass murder sprees in, say, Germany, France, England or Japan.
The common denominator is the gun. It is always the gun, and it will always be the gun. We can try to fix the other social problems all we want–and we should. But until we fix the gun problem, we will continue to offer the lives of ourselves and our children on the altar of this insatiable, bloodthirsty Lord we euphemistically call the “gun rights movement.”

Until the U.S. recognizes the sickness it suffers from there will be no cure. The NRA right continues to deny that gun violence is a problem. Those advocating for stronger gun laws should know that laws can help by regulating access, but there is a whole complex of social and cultural factors that create conditions in which gun violence thrives. The gun is the problem yes, but it is the gun’s place in the culture as well as access that leads to the chronic and pervasive violence we see almost daily.

Written by slothropia

May 25th, 2014 at 10:04 am