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And We’re Back

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It looks like it’s been six months since I posted here at my very own blog. Which might explain why there were no visitors here between October, 2009 and now.

Not that anybody is asking, but the reasons I have not been blogging for the last six months or so are several and related. Anger is the glue that binds them all.

I was mad at Obama and the congressional Democrats for making a mess out of health reform. Still am, though I freely confess to being glad that it has passed, inadequate though it may be.

Yes, passage of the law was a victory for the Dems, and to a lesser extent for the people who elected them. But it was a modest victory and one that achieved less than was possible. Yeah, that’s right. I’m still pissed there was no public option, even though the people want it (hell, they want single payer) and even though a PO would do more than the current law to save money – for both the government and for individuals, families and employers. For everybody and for the system in which they live.

So being fed up with American politics, I couldn’t seem to find anything useful to say about a dysfunctional system. The system remains dysfunctional and disaster (more disaster I should say) still looms, but I seem more able mow that spring is there, to try and distill sense from the madness.

And I am tired of sulking and pouting.

I was and am also unhappy with other aspects of the Obama administration’s efforts. For example, Obama and his economic team have made small noises about financial regulatory reform, but I am with Chomsky when he says that the President is serving the banks, not the public.

Obama made it clear during the 2008 campaign that he would continue to prosecute the war in Afghanistan until a satisfactory conclusion is achieved. While it is at some level refreshing to see a politician actually keep a promise, in this case, the result is a continuation of bad and futile policy.

Obama’s Education Secretary, Arne Duncan is of the opinion that education is like a business. This philosophy is disastrous for education. We should not be surprised to see the Administration promote the advancement of the charter school movement. I think both of these developments are bad for public education.

In short, like many others, I am disappointed at the extent of the President’s conservatism, though I should not really be too surprised by it. The surprise, however, is a product of all the soothing liberal and progressive noises that came out off the Obama campaign in 2008.

But whatever, my dalliance with the Democratic Party is at an end. This does not mean that I will never vote for Democratic Party candidates, but I will need a good reason to do so in the future.

My blogging here about politics will reflect my newly reinvigorated independence of the party of Jefferson and Jackson. I will also try to keep up with and comment on Canadian politics, especially regarding the Left and the NDP. When I am in the mood I will also write about cultural issues, film, music, sports and anything else that is caught in my peripheral vision.

And Youtube music videos.

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March 30th, 2010 at 11:03 pm

CNN: Airheads R Us

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About an hour ago caught Kyra Phillips teasing a story about the militia group busted in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio yesterday. She said something like, “I don’t about militias and stuff when I think about the Midwest, home to good values.” I am paraphrasing except for the ‘good values’ bit.

I mean, come on! Does she not remember the Michigan militias from the ’90s. And Timothy McVeigh, where was he from? (Answer: Michigan).

Did somebody put stupid pills in Kyra’s coffee?

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March 29th, 2010 at 10:18 am

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When You’re Explaining You’re Losing

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Sarah Palin Was explaining today about how when she wasn’t being violent or encouraging her slack jawed followers to be violent when she put said they should “reload” to continue fighting the health care reform law. She was just encouraging aforementioned slack jawed Palinites to stay involved in the political process.

Also, it is not violent to put congressional districts in one’s cross hairs.

On this occasion her beef was with the media and not with Democrats, apparently.

Now I feel bad for completely misunderstanding her and other tea partiers/Republicans/GOPers who have been

  • breaking windows
  • making obscene and threatening phone calls to elected officials
  • calling progressives , liberals, democrats and others traitors

Now of course Saint Sarah of the Tundra did not break anyone’s window. But maybe she kind of encouraged that kind of behavior. I mean. what is a red blooded American or Alaskan supposed to do when the President pals around with terrorists. Fight fire with fire, that’s what. Remember, extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.

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March 27th, 2010 at 11:58 pm

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