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Hysterical Attacks on ‘Sicko’

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Here’s a letter i wrote to USA Today about one of their published letters:

On June 29, Gina Liggett wrote a letter to USA Today I read a letter to the editors of USA Today today that made my blood boil, not because I disagreed with the writer, but because the writer used such blatantly dishonest arguments.

It was an attack on Sicko, the Michael Moore documentary about health care in the USA. Oddly, the letter did not deny the evidence Moore presents, but instead repeats the same hysterical yet tired and old arguments that the insurance and pharmaceutical companies have been peddling for generations.

For example, universal or single payer health (socialized medicine as reactionaries like to call it) will result in:

  • Long waiting lists for tests and treatment. Right now, right here in the land of the free (but not free health care) the wait for tests and treatment are extremely long for those without health insurance. For those with the wrong kind of insurance, the wait can also be painfully long, if the insurance company approves treatment at all.
  • Soaring costs of Medicare. This one made me laugh. What country spends the most per capita on health care? Americans are living in it. What is the only, repeat only industrialized country without some form of universal or single payer health care? Again, it is US. And what do we get for all this money? Nearly 50 million not insured who go to emergency rooms for primary care and outcomes that we should all be ashamed of: higher infant mortality rates and lower life expectancy rates than all the other industrialized countries.
  • Rationing treatments for more serious and costly diseases like cancer. In this country, the market does the rationing. If you have the money you get treated quickly. If you do not, you wait, or you are made bankrupt.
  • Bureaucrats influencing medical decisions that should lonely take place between a patient and a physician. Which is exactly what happens now in our glorious American free enterprise medical system. Only the bureaucrats are with the insurance companies in whose interest it is to deny care if at all possible. I can tell you as a dual Canadian U.S. citizen that in Canada, there is no interference with treatment from the government. In this country, insurance companies prevent medical treatment in too many cases.

Incidentally, Ms. Liggett says she is an RN. My wife is a nurse and she certainly sees the state of American health care far differently than does Ms. Liggett.

And check out the Raw Story coverage of wingnut bloggers trying to tie Moore to the U.K. bombings. Hilarious. I love the smell of desperate conservatives in the morning.

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July 2nd, 2007 at 9:57 pm

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