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Good Crisis Advice for No Drama Obama

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Over at Crooks and Liars, karoli has a few suggestions for POTUS:

Dear President Obama,
All the good you’ve done (and all the goodwill many have for you) is about to be undone and forgotten by this mess in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a President’s worst nightmare, no doubt. A combination of the wrecked mess of the Louisiana wetlands and the bogeyman of Big Oil at the helm is a nightmare, especially when the aforementioned Big Oil Company has been cozily sleeping with its guards.

The thing is, you’re not helping things much. Your weekly video message this week was as much an apologetic for the plan to continue risking our coastline as it was a lukewarm reassurance that everything that could be done was being done. It left me — someone frequently referred to as an Obama apologist, fangirl, and blind-eyed supporter — cold. My sense of things was that YOU didn’t even believe the line about making sure this never happens again.

Making a promise like that is akin to saying you’ll make sure the sun doesn’t rise and if it does, it’ll rise in the west. It cannot be done. Mr. President. Yet, this is an opportunity for you. A big one. Avail yourself of it.

Karoli then advises BHO to:

    1. Quit putting BP in the front.
    2. Select a press pool and give them full access to the area.
    3. Start talking about what the government IS doing.
    4. Rapidly implement creative citizen-led initiatives.
    5. Employ the unemployed.
    6. Stop talking about drilling offshore in the future.
    7. Start talking about what we need to sacrifice to save our coastlines.

For further details read the whole thing.

One of the things that annoys me about the President is his stubborn insistence that everything is cool, no need to panic”I’ve got this.”

The situation in the Gulf is a serious crisis and no one, repeat nobody, knows how bad it will be before it is over. The U.S. needs a leadership that recognizes a crisis when it sees it and responds appropriately.

Karoli’s got some great ideas though.

Written by slothropia

May 23rd, 2010 at 10:55 pm