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Gordon Campbell Wants to Walk into a Buzzsaw

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Gordon Campbell has made Carol James a very happy woman.

Would-be Liberal successors to Premier Gordon Campbell can take a summer break: Mr. Campbell has reaffirmed his intention to seek another term in 2013.

Mr. Campbell said Thursday he has every intention of running for a fourth term in the next provincial election.

Of course a week is a long time in politics and three years is a lot of week. Social Credit – I mean the B.C. Liberals – may have something to say about when the B.C. Premier will be available for recreational drinking and driving on a full time basis.

Also, the B.C. NDP has blown big leads before, and Social Credit – I mean the B.C. Liberal party – has been known in the past to outmaneuver the Left Coast (sort of kind of) Lefties.

Still, Gordo should carefully check the email addresses of those messages of support he is receiving.

Written by slothropia

May 14th, 2010 at 1:08 pm