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Globe and Mail Disables Margaret Wente/Dr. Tiller Comments

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This is weird.

I usually find Margaret Wente’s columns in the Globe and mail to be apologies for right wing stupidity. She has one today that is refreshingly reality based.

It is sympathetic to recently assassinated Dr. George Tiller and critical of the forced birth (aka pro life) movement. Here is how she concludes:

Despite the killing of Dr. Tiller, the influence of extremist Christianity in the United States is on the decline. This brutal act may only hasten that. But if other doctors are discouraged from doing this painful but necessary work, the killer will have won after all.

I read the whole thing and scrolled down, curious to see how Wente’s readers would respond to her column. Sadly, I found this statement where comments should have been:

Comments have been disabled
Editor’s Note: We have closed comments on this story for legal reasons. We appreciate your understanding.

The Globe and Mail appears not to moderate comments to its articles, columns and editorials. Understandable, given how newspapers are bleeding red ink these days. But I am left free to speculate about what those legal reasons might be. Could it be that forced birth(aka pro life) movement activists submitted comments expressing glee over the assassination of Dr. Tiller? Did someone threaten Dr. Morgenthaler? Or did they express outrage and threats tow=ard Wente herself?

Credit where it is due to Wente, a conservative journalist, for writing about forced birth terrorism. It took courage.

Written by slothropia

June 6th, 2009 at 12:12 pm