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U.S. No Longer #1 in Technology????

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I found this post at The News Blog (managed currently by Jen and other Friends of
Gilliard), and they kindly provided a link to the BBC story.

How did this happen? Deregulation was supposed to encourage entrepreneurial development. The U.S. is the freest country in the world and it was freedom that allowed it to gain it erstwhile technological primacy. And then to be outdone by Scandinavian socialism (mixed economy). It’s enough to make patriotic Republican heads explode.

It’s kind of like health care. Defenders of the capitalist faith like to talk about how American medicine is the best in the world, which means right now we have more MRI and patented pills than anybody else. It’s just that the health outcomes are lousy. The United States lags a number of other countries in such categories as life expectancy and infant mortality, which has nothing to do with 40 million uninsured and billions of dollars wasted by treating said uninsured in emergency rooms.

Will the United States abandon its faith in unregulated commerce, and discover the community’s role in economic decision making? Not if the GOP has its way, which may be one reason why the Democratic Party is doing so well this week.

Written by slothropia

April 7th, 2007 at 11:02 pm