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Endorsement for Illinois Governor

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Illinois has been run for a very long time by a cabal of RINOS and DINOS. The Land of Lincoln (spinning right now in his Springfield tomb) has long been divided between a Democratic fiefdom in Cook County and a Republican one in the rest of the state. Of course there are plenty of exceptions to this broad generalization, but I think it holds up pretty well.

George Ryan was a Republican governor who effectively ended capital punishment in Illinois. Rod Blagojevich is a Democratic governor who has promised not to raise taxes.

Democratic Mayor Daley recently vetoed a living wage ordinance passed by Chicago City Council. GOP Congressman Mark Kirk from a North Shore district opposes drilling in ANWR.

Sometimes I think Illinois might just as well not have political parties at all.

Now, Judy Baar Topinka and Rod Blagojevich are engaged in a great electoral battle to be Governor for the next four years. Two of the issues are corruption, of which they accuse each other, and education funding.

The Chicago Tribune notes that both Topinka and Blagojevich “…have turned to gambling to raise new education revenue. Blagojevich has proposed the long-term lease of the lottery, and Topinka has proposed a land-based casino in Chicago and expanded gambling at current casinos as the centerpiece of her proposal.”

This is what passes for serious debate and discussion about education funding in this state and in this era. Why these two clowns aren’t laughed out of public life is beyond me. Fix education funding with expanded gambling revenue? Get money for nothing and give it to the schools? Get effing serious. That is not the way grownups should behave.

I’m really worked up about this because public education is the key to any progress a society makes in the contemporary world. It sahould be at the top of the list of what state and local governments pay attention to. But in Illinois education is not important enough for politicians to provide it with sufficient resources. Let’s just throw some gambling loot at the teachers so they’ll shut up.

So on the one hand Topinka wnats a new casino, and on the other hand, Blag thinks that somehow he can raise a lot of money by selling the lottery. Then on the third hand we have the Green Party’s Rich Whitney. According to his campaign website, “Whitney is the only candidate for Illinois Governor that supports education funding reform through an income tax for property tax swap, commonly referred to as House Bill 750, also making him the only gubernatorial candidate with a plan that does not rely on state-sanctioned gambling.”

Move education funding from a regressive property tax to a progressive income tax? Why wasn’t this done long ago?
So while I desperately want to see Republicans get smashed at every level of government, and will vote Democratic for every other office, for Illinois Governor and Lieutenant Governor I am voting for Rich Whitney and Julie Samuels. I can live with RINOS and DINOS, but once in awhile one must vote for someone who is running on principle.

Written by slothropia

October 13th, 2006 at 9:58 pm