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N. Korea Has the Bomb!! We’re Dooooooooomed!!!!!!!!

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Holy bloody rat poo! North Korea says it has tested its nuclear weapon. The cable news guys and gals are all over it if only because it is a weekend and therefore no schools are open and available to be put under siege by men with guns.

The nice news reader anchor lady on CNN has been asking correspondents in Asian capitols what can be done. The mush mouthed answer seems to be – nothing. That is, nothing can be done directly to prevent North Korea from developing its nuclear technology and arsenal. I am sure that if China, for example, wanted to punish the PRK it could find ways to retaliate economically.

But as the poet sings, “When you ain’t got nothin you got nothin to lose.” So North Koreans will have to live on 475 calories a day instead of 500. Big whoop. That won’t deter the rulers of the PRK. If they want the bomb, they have shown they are willing and able to do what is required to get it. The world can’t stop them, any more than it can stop stuff like this from going down.

By the way, last I saw on tv about 20 minutes ago, there was no seismic evidence to confirm that a test had occurred. South Korea is still convinced, however.

So what does happen now? I anticipate a lot of posturing and an eventual return to the six nations talks.

The righties who were so orgasmic about our invasion of Iraq – like this one – think the U.S. should deal more firmly with North Korea. I think if they ever got their wish they would regret it, because what would they have to bellyache about?

Me, I think it would be nice if the United States lead the world in an effort to dismantle all nuclear weapons. And I would also like the Hope Diamond for an xmas present.

Written by slothropia

October 8th, 2006 at 11:16 pm