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Gov’t Mule: Soulshine

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Apologies to faithful visitors to this blog like entity. I have been chasing the almighty dollar and serving Mammon for the last week or so, and have not had a chance to enlighten the world with my opinions about life the universe and everything.

But let’s get back into the swing of things with a performance by a band that recently played the Summer Camp Festival in Chillicothe (IL not OH).

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you….Gov’t Mule:

BTW, this is from the Daily Show when that lameass Craig Kilborn was on.

And if you’re all good and finish your broccoli, later tonight I will post predictions about some of the primaries tomorrow.

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June 7th, 2010 at 8:55 pm

DVD Review: V for Vendetta

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At the end of V for Vendetta occurred a scene that gave me goose bumps. Thousands of Britons have marched to Westminster at the urging of V (Hugo Weaving), an anarchist revolutionary. They are faced by the usual military might in the service of the state. The peaceful crowd has every right to believe that they will be attacked. At one point it becomes clear that there will be no attack and that the power of the state has been broken. Their response is to take off their masks and become individuals prepared to seek and pay the price for fulfillment.

This film is about the crisis and chronic frustration in this and other nations resulting from the inability of democratically elected governments to do what the electorate wants it to do?

V for Vendetta depicts a cathartic revolution, but it does not really provide a solution to the crisis. It is a poem, not a blueprint for change.

Disbelief was required to be suspended more than once during the movie. It is after all taken from a comic book – I mean graphic novel written by Alan Moore and illustrated mostly by David Lloyd,. How did V build all that stuff? How come the cops never find him even though he lives in a mansion with a splendid view of the City of London? But I made the effort and bathed in the imaginary world of the movie. It was worth it.

The villain in the movie is a religious, conservative Chancellor of Britain, played by John Hurt and clearly meant to represent the contemporary American Right .The references to the Bush junior admin were too numerous to be accidental. One example: the fascist government in the film uses fear of terrorism to manipulate public opinion. See the cable news channels today for confirmation that such a tactic is in the arsenal of the Bush Jr. administration. The John Hurt government in V for Vendetta manufactures a disaster that kills thousands. Could this be a reference to some of the conspiracy theories about 9/11?

Whether the original graphic novel intended did so or not, the film delivered a warning about what is called conservatism evolving into fascism. Is such a thing possible? Yes. Is it likely? Maybe. Is it happening now? I think so.

Stephen Fry plays a television comedian who satirizes John Hurts Chancellor dictator. He is arrested for the satire and executed, not because of the satire, and not because of his homosexuality, but because he possesses a copy of the Koran. Please see Little Green Footballs (no link – Google if you must) to see if there are Conservatives who would favor such action.

Besides, libertarian issues, the politics of the film are about free will and identity, played out in the relationship between V and Evie (Natalie Portman), a woman he rescues from the police and who eventually joins his cause. Hmm. Could Evie’s name be symbolic of her status as the first of a new kind of woman created by V’s revolution? Rhetorical question; don’t answer.

The film suggests that its hero, V, is crazy. If he is, how did he get that way? Are we all crazy? What masks do we hide behind?

V for Vendetta is an extremely violent movie, but it is of course cartoon violence. Yet ironically, its resolution is a non-violent revolution (if you don’t count blowing up Parliament and brutally killing the leaders of the government).

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August 10th, 2006 at 6:23 pm

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Back in the Saddle Again

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The blog saddle that is.

Last night I got home from an exhilirating two days at the Traverse City Film Festival and a job interview near Toledo (Ohio, not Spain). I will be blogging about the film fest and about beautiful Northern Michigan over the next few days, so be sure to come early and get a good seat.


View of a Canal in Downtown Traverse City

Meanwhile, check out Scott Calonico. In Traverse City I saw a short of his called Full Metal Slacks. Maybe they’ll show it on the Cartoon Network someday.

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August 5th, 2006 at 3:05 am

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DVD Review: Tristram Shandy

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I know, I know. I promised a review of the newly released DVDE of Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story days ago. Thank you, breathless readers, for not putting more pressure on me to produce same, for I am sure I could bear no more than I already do.

So here it is the review I promised. Well, most of it anyway. See, I was viewing the movie at home the other day (Thursday, July 26 to be precise) and taking notes for this review. Trouble was, every five minutes the phone would ring and I would have to answer it.

Here’s the thing; I am between contracts right now and the calls were from recruiters and prospective employers. I hope they did not detect the irritation I felt. They don’t know I was this close to screaming into the phone about priorities – “I’m watching a MOVIE goddammit!”

So anyway, about Tristram Shandy, I read the novel when I was in university, not as part of a course but because it was highly recommended and compared favorably to Gravity’s Rainbow, described as a post modern classic written 250 years before the term was invented.

So along comes Steve Coogan, British comic icon, I am told. Makes a movie about making a movie about the novel. Feels kind of like the original The Office, the Ricky Gervais vehicle, and even more like Extras, another Gervais effort which, like Tristram Shandy, has a bunch of recognizable actors playing themselves. Except, they are not themselves; they are characters with the same name as the actor playing them.

I need to sit down. I am growing dizzy.

Bottom line: I enjoyed Tristram Shandy, the movie. At least what I saw of it. Like I said, the phone kept ringing.

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July 31st, 2006 at 9:48 am

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